The Building Business Area adds value by integrating and maintaining all its knowledge, capabilities and resources at the highest state of the art, in order to differentiate its services in the Building markets.

The Building Business Area has two main activities:

Integral Building
General Installations without Building

and covers, among others, the following segments:

Building Refurbishment, Residential Residential Building, Industrial Buildings, Office Buildings, Control Towers, Data Processing Centers, Auditoriums and Recording Rooms, Hospitals, Health Centers, Cultural and Senior Citizen Centers, Sports Centers, Hypermarkets, Shopping Centers and Department Stores, Urban Car Parks and Service Stations.

The Building Business Area orients its offer within a framework of unity of responsibility as a General Contractor, so that the scope of our services is integral, both in Construction and in Installations, Maintenance and Safety.

The scope of the division in the building market ranges from the execution of new construction works of all kinds, to the rehabilitation of existing buildings, acting as a pure construction company. Sometimes it includes architectural execution projects, electrical, mechanical and special installations, acting in these cases with the “turnkey” concept.

As a further step in the Customer Service, it includes the training of the technical staff that manages the building installations.

-Civil works and integral infrastructure for urbanizations and industrial parks.
-Public Lighting and Road Illumination.
-Artistic Lighting.

-Telephone Infrastructure.
-Communications Infrastructure.

Air Infrastructure