Our activity has led us to specialize in the construction, execution and study of infrastructure works of diverse typology for various national and international clients and principals.

Our core competence is the efficient construction of any type of structure.  In which we have decades of experience. Building major public and private works that allow social and economic development, substantially improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. The growth of the company, supported by the entrepreneurial spirit of excellent professionals that confirms an organizational solidity and makes Olania a reference company, modern in management and technological structural development, capable of facing projects of any size.



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All the concrete structures will be executed according to the good rules of the art and will be adjusted as much as possible to what concerns the provision of materials, their preparation and placement to execute reinforced concrete structures according to the plans and schedules, in addition to the good treatment of the concrete to comply with the works.

For all these reasons our quality and environmental policy is based on:

Maintain the satisfaction of our customers at the highest levels, continuously improving the services we offer and the activities we perform, in a context of respect and commitment to the preservation of the environment. Comply with the laws and regulations in the points of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards in addition to the commitment requirements of our customers. Identify and evaluate the environmental aspects of our activity in order to minimize the impact they may have on the environment. Continuously improve internal processes by establishing environmental and quality objectives and targets, as well as programs to achieve them.

To orient the environmental management of our work centers and facilities towards the correct prevention and control of atmospheric, acoustic, water and soil pollution, controlling the consumption of natural resources, the recycling of materials and the adequate management of waste.

To provide our workers with the material means and the appropriate training, promoting their environmental awareness and sensitization as well as their active participation in order to obtain the highest satisfaction of our customers. Ensure that these points of the Quality and Environmental Policy are known, understood and complied with by the resources that make up Olania.

Olania performs the work from engineering (design and calculation) to the construction of structures, which allows us to achieve a great balance between design, structural calculation and the techniques used in construction.

In the calculation phase, we use the most advanced calculation systems on the market, using software and human teams that allow us to offer our clients the optimization of their structure. We respect the original design of the architect, project engineer in origin and solve the structural design, the seismic protection and the optimization of the designs according to the construction techniques available in the market where the project is developed. Whether they are the latest construction technologies or traditional systems available in developing markets. Both of our own design as well as third party designs, while following their essential values.

Olania’s culture is one of responsibility and seriousness. This has allowed Olania to become a reference for companies in a very short time. And that if a commitment emphasized with the customer in its extensive professional career with the deadlines, the qualities and costs. We know how important it is for our customers the security of our commitments, since our compliance and our quality is their success. We are motivated by the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

Olania considers a priority objective the development of its operations in full safety conditions for all personnel involved in its works, being respect for their health and life, a value and a fundamental requirement for it. To obtain the required level of safety, Olania contracts with companies that have their own or joint prevention services. All audited and certified.

This commitment to occupational health translates into a high level of compliance with the obligations arising from the current Law on Occupational Risk Prevention, constituting one of the added values provided by Olania in its relations with its customers. It can be said that a well organized work (calculated, planned, directed, controlled) is, in general, a safe work.