The Infrastructure and Transportation Business Area Division is specialized in each of the activities that include: Project, Development and Detail Engineering, Equipment Supply, Assembly and Maintenance, corresponding to the needs of the General Infrastructure, Communications Infrastructure and Transportation Infrastructure markets.

The scope of the Division’s activities is complemented with its own assemblies, electronic equipment such as: remote stations with data capture functions and performing PLC functions, SCADA systems for supervision and process control, access control systems, presence and production control systems; as well as electromechanical equipment such as:
M. T. cubicles and cabinets manufacturing, armored bars and conduits, switchboards and desks, distribution boards, command and control panels.

The area has a high capacity and competence not only in the elaboration of projects, but also in the planning of interdisciplinary solutions, having the organization and the machinery to carry them out. The activities undertaken are the following:

Integral Infrastructure of Urbanizations Industrial Estates, including: Civil Works, Piping and Trenching and Installation of Water, Gas, Electricity and Telephony Distribution, as well as Integral Telemetry Systems.
Infrastructure of Ports and Maritime Passages.
Installations of Lighthouses, Maritime Signals and Radio Aids.
Installations and Maintenance of Maritime Stations.
Civil Works of Roads and Runways.
Construction of Service Stations.
Construction of subway parking lots.
Public lighting and illumination of roads.
Artistic Lighting.

The Division’s capabilities in this Sector correspond to the needs of the specific clients of this Market, mainly made up of Public Bodies.

The activities in Transport Infrastructure are differentiated according to the specifications corresponding to Air Infrastructure or Railway and Metropolitan Infrastructure.

Construction of Control Towers and Auxiliary Buildings at Airports and Air Bases.
Construction of Power Plants, Substations and visitable Galleries.
Installations and Maintenance in Airport Buildings.
Security and Surveillance in Airport Buildings.

Construction and Erection of Power Plants
Traction Substations
Interlockings and Signaling
Installations and Maintenance in Railway Stations
Position Locating Systems for Containers
Intelligent Warehouses