As indicated in its corporate purpose, the business starts in this area, with the technical and commercial management of electromechanical assemblies of switchgear and high, medium and low voltage power lines, as well as the manufacture of switchboards and cabinets approved by private distribution companies and other customers.

Currently, the Energy Business Area in the electricity sector is dedicated to the design, installation and maintenance (corrective, preventive and predictive) of transformer stations, substations, LV, MV, HV lines and distribution networks, and it carries out turnkey finished products: Construction of Wind Farms, Mini Hydroelectric Plants and Energy Cogeneration Plants. The scope of the offer is integral: it covers from the project feasibility study to the project, assembly, start-up and financing. Occasionally, the possibility of entering into the operation of the project is studied.

The scope of activities is complemented with our own assemblies and electronic equipment such as: remote stations with data capture functions and performing PLC functions, SCADA systems for supervision and process control, access, presence and production control systems; electromechanical equipment: manufacture of M.V. cubicles and cabins, armored bars and ducts, switchboards and desks, distribution boards, control panels and control panels.

-Large assemblies in Thermal, Hydraulic and Nuclear Power Plants.
-Control and supervision of Generation Plants.
-Commissioning and maintenance

-Substations, turnkey
-Substation remote control

-Turnkey high and medium voltage overhead lines

-Subway lines
-Transformer and distribution centers

-Turnkey Wind Farms
-Turnkey Photovoltaic Power Plants
-Hydraulic Power Plants, turnkey
Cogeneration Power Plants, turn-key

-Renewable Energy
-Environmental Management
-Waste Treatment
-Contaminated Soil
-Water Quality
-Atmospheric Pollution