The Communications Business Area is organizationally divided into the NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE, RADIO, CONTROL, PROTECTION, SECURITY and TELEMATICS market units.

These areas cover project activities, installation and maintenance of centers, as well as distribution lines and networks.

The professionalism of its entire technical team, its extensive experience, dedication to service and dynamism provide each project with a renewed and satisfaction-oriented approach, based on the application of the most innovative computer and integration techniques. Olania is specialized in the elaboration of Comprehensive Security Projects, from its design and installation, to its subsequent maintenance and updating.

It offers technical-economic solutions tailored to each client, whatever its complexity, and always based on a detailed study of the various risks that each project needs to cover:

Indoor intrusion detection
Outdoor intrusion detection (perimeter detection)
Access control, presence and traffic of people, objects and vehicles
round control
CCTV surveillance
Assault alarms
technical alarms
Intercommunication, radiotelephony and public address system.


Olania is qualified to provide Engineering support to projects framed within the area of “Interior Plant” and “Exterior Plant”, with notable profusion in large transmission trunk nodes, carrying out implementation studies, feasibility, execution plans and economic study.


Likewise, our technical team is prepared to undertake any type of work related to all telephone transmission equipment, both low frequency (special urban circuits and basic telephone use) and high frequency (circuits for large customers and mainly between plants). In addition, we intervene in urban and interurban cable, coaxial or fiber optic networks with their line terminals and multiplexing and demultiplexing equipment in PDH and SDH systems.


The experience of our staff in installations provides us with a deep internal knowledge of the equipment, which facilitates the task of resolving possible failures; All this, together with a great flexibility of action, allows maintenance work to be carried out on all types of facilities in this area.
This allows us to offer our services in advice, installation and maintenance of transmultiplexer equipment, multiplex of analog and digital channels, modem lines for subscribers, telematics in general. And manufactured from the most common Telefónica suppliers such as: Telettra Española, Alcatel, Ericsson, NTC, ATT.


Engineering Services is one of the areas of work with greater specific weight within the Radiocommunications Area of Olania. It is the differentiating element and the necessary technical support for other areas of activity, which allows our Company to be distinguished by its ability to provide comprehensive service compared to other purely installation companies. Among the Engineering Services provided by Olania are the following:

Topographical stakeout
Site search
Radioelectric feasibility studies of spans and coverage studies.
Site management
Supply of suitable products


The Radiocommunications Equipment Installation service is one of Olania’s raisons d’être. The desire to improve and constantly improve this service involves continuous training and renewal of knowledge of the entire technical team of our Company, as well as the constant incorporation of new measuring instrumentation, advanced technology.

GSM radio base stations
Medium Capacity Radio Links


The Integral Maintenance service of radio installations is another of Olania’s strong points, and in constant growth. To ensure optimum quality, the Communications Department offers operational solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

Olania sizes its human and technical resources to provide maximum availability of its services to the radio infrastructure that requires maintenance.

Olania offers Integral Solutions in Singular, Corporate and Office Buildings, Shopping and Leisure Centers, Industrial Facilities and Health Centers. The Systems coexist and interact under the supervision of a Control Center. The services offered are the following:

Public address system for announcements, directed evacuation (with pre-recorded messages), commercial promotions and ambient music.
Intercommunication for rescue and maintenance. Radio and microprocessed systems.
Radio communications for security and maintenance personnel within the enclosure. Personnel location systems
Structured cabling to support voice and data services. External and internal communications to the building.
Terrestrial and satellite TV reception and distribution with return channels for insertion of own programs. Video editing systems.
Audiovisuals on giant screens, information monitors and interactive points.

This drives us to offer our services in advice, installation and maintenance of transmultiplexing equipment, multiplex of analog and digital channels, modem lines for subscribers, telematics in general. And manufactured by the most common suppliers of Telefónica such as Telettra Española, Alcatel, Ericsson, NTC, ATT.

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